The sound of your imagination

Knoxville based recording studio

Music library

ADR and voiceover

Mixing and mastering

Composing and songwriting for film, television and video games


Recording Studio

Music studio

Our setup is unlike anything you have ever seen

Podcast studio

Take your podcast to the next level by recording it in our specialized podcast rooms. We’ll even produce it and write the music. Check out our podcast network!

Voiceover and ADR studio

Give your voice that “in a world” sound.


Auralation Academy

Audio and Music Production School for Grades 9-12

Music and Audio Production Workshops and Classes for Grades 9-12



Custom Scoring and Sound

Auralation’s team of songwriters and music producers rivals any on the planet.


A powerhouse crew of film composers, songwriters, studio musicians and even a drummer will bring your project to life. It’s your baby. We are here to spank it.

Audio Post-Production

Need an audio miracle? You’ve come to the right place. Auralation offers broadcast level audio design and post mixing. Our world-class engineers are “network” trained, uniquely creative and incredibly detail oriented. From custom sound design creation and ADR to network spec delivery, you can trust your project will standout from all other noise.


Production Music Library

Almost 7,000 really useful and creative cues.

Built with editors in mind

Easy to license, easy to clear. Multiple file formats (wav, aif, mp3), descriptive artwork, mobile accessible, interactive waveform. So much power, so many great tunes.

Powerful metadata

Tiered searches. Sonic search. Suggestive search. Rich keyword and descriptions. Search by mood, usage, genre etc.